Illustrations for Bernese IT company

The App Makers

Byrds & Bytes is a Bern-based IT company specializing in mobile app development.

Namo created hand-drawn illustrations for Byrds & Bytes to communicate the company, the team and the services offered.


Byrds & Bytes

Members Portrait Illustration IT Employees Switzerland
Drawing Team Members Swiss KMU Company in Bern
Illustration Services Swiss IT Company

Namo developed a brand identity that perfectly fits Byrds & Bytes and our products.

The playful illustrations give customers an entertaining and informative insight into our daily work.

Johnny Gerber

Managing Director Byrds & Bytes, Bern
Illustration employees at work IT company Switzerland
Illustration customer advisory service Swiss company
Illustration of everyday work in Swiss SMEs
Drawing Client Advisory Swiss SMEs

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Illustration work tool IT company from Bern
Illustrations Employees of Swiss IT companies
Portrait Byrds & Bytes IT Company Switzerland

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