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Meier & Märki

Namo realized a brand identity with logo & web design for a Swiss law firm as part of this case study.

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Meier & Märki

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The goal of this work was to create a brand for a law firm that would stand out from the gray mass of attorney brands without losing the professional and trustworthy identity that law firm brands tend to have.

Our solution

As a brand font for Meier & Märki, we used a sans serif font that is more modern and fresh than the widely used serif fonts for law firms.

The brand uses only one color besides black and white, which keeps it from looking cluttered. The yellow is a signal tone that attracts attention but is less common among law firms than the usual blue, gold or green tones.

The geometric, simple logo is derived from the company name and remains easily recognizable even in a small display size, for example as an icon.

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