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Web development

Web development

We develop websites that not only look good but also offer you real added value.

2. webflow

We have been developing our websites exclusively with Webflow since 2018 and are licensed Webflow Experts.

We are convinced that Webflow is the best solution for our customers' websites:

  • Webflow allows for greater creative freedom in web design, which enables us to respond even better to individual customer wishes.
  • Webflow pages run more stable, are more secure, and have shorter load times due to distributed servers and better server infrastructure.
  • Webflow offers an editor for end users that allows independent maintenance and updating without technical background knowledge.
  • Webflow does not require any third-party plugins. This improves the performance and security of the site and allows us to run sites without maintenance costs for our customers.
Customers can easily maintain & update Namo websites on their own.
Customers can easily maintain & update Namo websites on their own.

3. optimized for search engines and responsive

We optimize websites for indexing by search engines by default. If you want to go one step further, we also offer advanced search engine optimization like keyword analysis, content marketing and link optimization.

If desired, we can link the website to analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar. This allows measurement data about user behavior on the website to be collected and used for ongoing page optimization.

All our websites are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile display (responsive web design).

Website for Swiss law firm
Website for Swiss law firm

4. no maintenance cost & easy maintenance

Because we develop our websites with Webflow, we don't have to rely on third-party plugins. These plugins are responsible for much of the maintenance required by other CMSs like Wordpress.

After your website is published, we do not incur ongoing maintenance costs. This leaves more resources for the functional and content expansion of the site.

After the go-live of the site you can independently make adjustments and updates to your site. The Webflow editor is very beginner-friendly and does not require any technical background knowledge. Our service package includes training in the use of the editor.

Newsletter Contact & Registration Form for a Swiss Medtech Start-up
Newsletter Contact & Registration Form for a Swiss Medtech Start-up

5. expandable at any time

We develop our sites according to established development standards. So if you want to develop your website in the future through us, another agency or internally, this is possible without any problems.

If you already have a Webflow site and are looking for an agency to redesign and develop it, we will be happy to help you as well.

Homepage for florist store
Homepage for florist store

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Web development

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Web development

We wanted THE other eye practice homepage and we got it!

Our site is young, fresh and modern. It stands out and it pleases, we have achieved our goal thanks to Namo.

Eveline Gentile

certified orthoptist/children's low-vision trainer
Web development

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