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Images make challenging topics easy to understand and are eye-catching.

2. working worlds

For companies that do not have a direct POS or those that combine a complex working environment (especially corporate structures), it can sometimes be difficult to give customers an impression of the people behind the logo. And it is precisely this that is central to an authentic brand presence.

With our Illustrated Working Worlds, we visualize the people, places and workflows that give your clients an idea of who you are and what you do. The added value can be seen :)

Handmade icons for the legal areas of a law firm
Handmade icons for the legal areas of a law firm

3. symbol images (icons)

Icons help you make complexity easier to grasp. Whether product categories, locations or different service types.

Namo designs custom icon images tailored to your business for use on your website or in communications in general.

Custom icons for Swiss IT companies
Design assets for IT companies

4. signage & maps

Especially for larger building complexes (for example, shopping centers or sports facilities), it is important to use signage that can be quickly grasped and clearly understood.

We create maps and signage for you that is individually tailored to your location and your target group of visitors.

Illustrations for Swiss Medtech Start-up
Illustrations for Swiss Medtech Start-up

5. infographics

Complex information in particular can often be conveyed more quickly and appealingly in visual form than in pure text.

We help you create clear, professionally illustrated and engaging information graphics on all topics related to your business and products.

Icon and illustrations for app Switzerland
Illustrations for UI design of an app

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Working worlds, portraits, symbol images (icons), maps, infographics, book illustration, character design, comics, editorial, hidden objects

Namo is a reliable partner for us to implement our branding strategy for the Hauenstein Group in a coherent and concise manner.

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