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Voice and appearance of your brand. We take care of analysis, strategy & implementation.

2. analysis & strategy

A good brand is more than just a logo. It is a symbol, a signal and a memento.

Brands represent companies, products and people. They do this by symbolizing the characteristics and special features of your company. In the analysis phase, we look for and identify these unique selling points together.

Good brands have a signal effect, they attract the attention of your customers. To stand out, you have to stand out. That's why, in the analysis phase, we look at how your competitors perform. Based on this, we then consider what could be done differently, how you can stand out with your brand presence.

After all, brands should be remembered. Those who know brands over a longer period of time and come into (positive) contact with them again and again build up a relationship with the brand. We speak of brand awareness.

Business cards design for Swiss SME
Business cards for craft company

3. brand design

We create the visual appearance of your brand. This of course includes the logo, optimized for digital and print display in various sizes, color & black & white and as an icon.

In addition, there are all the other design assets that you need for your brand presence. Exactly what that includes depends on your brand. We design menu cards for restaurants, annual reports for associations, websites for real estate companies and much more.

As a full-service agency, we offer you all the services it takes to develop the design assets from a single source. This includes graphic design, illustration, photography & film and all other create services for your unique brand presence.

Business cards, envelopes & letter templates are part of any good branding project
Business cards, envelopes & letter templates are part of any good branding project

4. corporate design manual

At the end of the branding project, we create a corporate design manual.

With the CD manual, you are ready for the practical use of your brand. It contains all the information you need to use your brand consistently and in line with the brand in practice.

In addition to the CD manual, you will of course also receive all other design assets for the practical application of your brand. This includes the logo files for digital and print application, color specifications, fonts, illustrations, etc.

Logo of the IT start-up SHUBiDU on old VW bus
Logo of the IT start-up SHUBiDU on old VW bus

5. brand accompaniment

Brands are not static, they grow and evolve along with your business.

It's up to you whether you want to take over the use of your brand in everyday life yourself (the design manual will help you with this) or whether you want us to support you. Most of the time, a mixture of both makes the most sense.

With our brand support services, you can contact us at any time after the initial branding project has been completed. We will be happy to assist you.

Design guide for the brand of a law firm
Design guide for the brand of a law firm

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Creative, fast, pragmatic & uncomplicated: I really appreciate the cooperation with Namo.

They immediately understand what it's all about and think beyond the graphic to the overall customer experience. That is very important to me!

Sonia Eterno


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