Brand appearance for the author Saskia Pritsch

Silent Word Power
from the North.

A case study for the young author Saskia Pritsch and the publishing house Pablos Publishing.

Namo developed a subtle personal branding concept & two cover designs for the author's two novels.


Pablos Publishing

Author Switzerland Portrait Photo
Logo design for small publishing house Switzerland
Business card design for swiss publisher and author

Brand & designs reflect the author's writing style: they are low impact, not attention seeking, yet intimate & personal.

Portrait Photos Swiss Author
Book Design Swiss Author Back
Book Design Swiss Author Front
Design book cover for Swiss book

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Back cover for book by Swiss author
Front cover for book by Swiss author
Design front and back cover for book by Swiss author

Our services for Pablos Publishing

Brand Development
Personal Branding
Cover Design
Print Design
Business Cards
Rollout & Implementation
Logo design based on dog for Swiss publishing house

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