Office Bern

24 April 2021

New office at headquarters in Berne

Our team has been working remotely since Namo was founded. Thanks to Zoom, Loom, Miro and the like, we are able to work productively as a team and with our clients even over long distances.

But every now and then it's still important and nice to sit face to face in real life. For these face-to-face meetings, we are now rented in the coworking space "der Hauptsitz" in Bern.

What we like about the head office, apart from the chic furnishings, is the lively exchange with the other tenants.

You can find more information about coworking "the headquarters" here:

Photo © The Headquarters

Our new address:

Namo - Agency for Branding & Web Design
Waisenhausplatz 30
3011 Bern


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